We are passionate about levels of customer services and the timely delivery and completion on all of our jobs.

We strive to overcome any situation with regards to our client's needs and whatever lies in their best interests.

Primarily we are certified and licensed plumbing contractors and have a huge interest in sustainable solutions on water and waste treatment. We offer project management services to minor building works and guarantee our clients the best available services from reputable service providers.

We have future plans regarding other divisions which will specialize in the various fields of trade.

We are an equal opportunities company and assist in our staff upliftment programmes and are set on becoming leaders in our field.

If you need a plumber or require something fixed or fitted, call us today and our plumbing team will help you every step of the way.

We’ll take care of any plumbing problem that’s arisen in your home or business.

We repair leaking or burst pipes, toilets and taps, and other domestic plumbing problems.

Perhaps you could do with a helping hand to get new bathroom fittings installed or to put a new toilet in place. Perhaps it’s something easier you need some help with, like installing a brand new kitchen appliance correctly, by a professional.

Contact us for a hassle free quote.

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